Interactive technical documents with a conversational interface for hands-free, error-free work experience

Elevator Inspections Go To Hands-Free.

Paperless, mobile inspection app meets the intelligent conversational interface.

Safety instructions, checklists, report forms and all are integrated in one for safer, faster inspection works.

Call for Research Partners

We are currently looking for research project partners who are engaged in 1)providing elevator inspection and/or repair works and 2)airplane/unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul in the aviation industry.

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How it works

Text, image, video and speech · It's dynamic and multimodal

Retrieve information

Input information

Helps make diagnosis

Guide through procedures to completion

Smart checklist

Keeps logs for later analysis

Multimedia data

All done via voice

AI is hot.

You may know machine learning and natural language understanding.

But do you know dialogue management?

Imagine a personal assistant that is supported by Machine Learning (that can learn from past data and your past actions so it gets smarter), Natural Language Understanding (so it can contextually understand what you say and what you want) and Dialogue Management (that can take an optimal action based on all factors need to be considered) to help you work through all procedures to completion. This is what Qeep is.

It's not a personal assistant.

It's a professional assistant.


Who we are

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Yu Seo


Matthias Denecke


Matthew Nacier


Qeep is a startup company founded by Yu Seo, CEO and Matthias Denecke, CTO.

As a co-founder and CEO of Qeep, Yu Seo is responsible for running all facets of the business, bringing more than ten years of entrepreneur experience in speech technology and interactive interface industries. Previously, Yu co-founded Agilingua and served as CEO where she helped pioneer the use of advanced speech technology supported by AI on multiple verticals. Prior to Agilingua, Yu worked at Nissan Technical Center as a marketing research associate.

Matthias Denecke, CTO and co-founder of Qeep, has more than 20 years of experience in research, development and implementation of spoken language applications utilizing dialogue management technology along with other type of AI such as machine learning, natural language understanding. Previously, Matthias worked at Agilingua as a co-founder and CTO, at NTT Japan as a research associate, at Carnegie Mellon University as a post-doc researcher. His open source software Ariadne was used by Nasa project.

The two co-founded their first startup company Agilingua ( in 2006 to offer intelligent speech interfaces, and have been leaders in the market for the past 10 years. They are excited about launching their second startup. They just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary in January 2017.

We are currently looking for research project partners who are engaged in manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and/or repair works.

We own and have invented all technologies used to provide the services.

This includes, but is not limited to, the development tools and infrastructure, the application-specific architecture, Natural Language Understanding, Dialogue Management, and the documentation conversion algorithm.

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