Research Project

We are currently looking for research project partners who are engaged in 1) providing elevator inspection and/or repair works and 2) airplane/unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul in the aviation industry. We expect this complimentary project would be 4-6 weeks long.

For the elevator application: Many inspectors still bring paper-printed materials to an inspection site for recording. There are several software products that help reduce paper works, it simply requires an inspector to use a mobile device instead of a pen and paper. With our system, an inspector can simply speak to a device to input and output information. This will help reduce paper works, speed up the inspection procedures and reduce errors in inputting information.

For the aviation application: Your mechanics probably use a computer or a device to access to technical information while working on a task. With our system, they do not have to tap, type or even watch it because all can be done simply via voice. It also keeps all logs, helps to make a diagnosis by asking right questions and guides to right procedures seamlessly and intelligently in a hands-free fashion. The bottom line will be an improvement in productivity and less human errors.

Eligible project participants would: Agree to allow technicians, inspectors or engineers to receive training to learn how to use Qeep, to try using Qeep, and to provide meaningful feedbacks.

What you will get: We will provide professional consultation to improve your work efficiency, feed your technical documentation, convert it into our system, optimize it for meeting your unique demands, train you and your employees on how to use it, test and refine it. All cost for the mentioned development works will be covered by Qeep. Months of subscription waver may be offered in case you would like to keep using Qeep after the research project completion.

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